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Tuan Umah October 23, 2009

Chemical Engineer yang sesat masuk ke alam aerospace. But still hold engineer tittle. (hahaha..macam bagus..)

Currently stay kat Merlimau, Melaka. Dibesarkan di Segamat, Johor. Sambung belajar kat Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and Serdang, Selangor. (Looks like I will go further up in Peninsula after this..hehehe)

Loves CAT, CHOCOLATE, and FAST CAR. (huhuhu..minah rempit la ni..). Of course BLOGGING is  my favourite too.

Anak ke 2 dari 3 adik bradik. So boleh panggil Angah.

Still single but unavailable now. Taken by someone from Ipoh. (My B…)


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