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~ Goodness of Milk ~ February 10, 2010

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Women can easily reduce the risk of developing hypertension and the blood pressure if they drink milk that is fat free along with consuming more calcium and vitamin-D from the food sources, not from additional supplements.

A recently concluded research study published in the American Heart Association’s journal “Hypertension”, revealed this fact. According to the findings of this study, diets of more than 30,000 examined for women who were actually middle-aged and older.
Researchers at the ‘Harvard University’ observed that women who consumed more fat-free milk or low-fat milk and other milk products along with the diets rich in calcium and vitamin-D had more protection against any risk of hypertension and blood pressure.

Examining the advantages of consuming milk alone, the researchers observed that if women drank two or more servings of low-fat or fat-free milk every day then the risk of hypertension or blood pressure was reduced by almost 10% while in case of women who drank such type of milk for less than even a month the rate was comparatively higher to suffer from such health problems. Researchers found that these results cannot be replicated when tried with high-fat milk, other high fat milk products, and calcium and vitamin-D supplements.

In America, almost one in every three adults suffers from high blood pressure. Women even do not know that they are suffering from hypertension and their number is growing very fast.

A Similar study, which has been published in the journal “Circulation”, established this fact. During the previous decade, the number of cases of high blood pressure and hypertension has reached up to uncontrollable limit in case of women in entire United States. This problem has posed a great risk for all these women for developing other cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and kidney failure also.

Footnote : Credit to Dilaila CTRM for above infos


4 Responses to “~ Goodness of Milk ~”

  1. Zura Says:

    sagt suke minum susu…

  2. indahmaya Says:

    baru nak berjinak2 minum susu bila lutut semakun longgar..hu3

  3. datulizah Says:

    Thanks sebab sudi singgah…
    Nasib baik sempat sebelum lutut tanggal..hehehe

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