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~Contest Tribute to 1K Comments ~ February 3, 2010

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Salam to all, This is co-organizer untuk contest yang diadakan pada Hikayat Nahdatulizah.

For detail u may refer to

Please take note only manual count is available for this site. Appreciate all ur comment. Please support me as I am newbie in wordpress hosting. 😀

Footnote : Ade sape-sape leh buat tutorial untuk wordpress nih? Help…


2 Responses to “~Contest Tribute to 1K Comments ~”

  1. Zura Says:

    aku xth plak ko ade wordpress nie…klau xde tribute 1k comment mmg xth…

  2. Faarihin Says:

    oghang ada gak web kat wordpress.. tapi tak ajin nak update.. huhuhu.. (“,)

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