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~ 10 Ways To Waste Your Petrol ~ January 19, 2010

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During these times of fluctuating prices, petrol consumption is on the minds of many, as drivers try to get more from their mile (or kilometre). However, many people are unaware that they are burning up petrol and a bigger hole in their wallet, with poor driving habits. Here then are the top 10 ways to waste petrol.

We’re used to thinking that the air-conditioner is the biggest petrol guzzler in our car. However, one of the biggest drains on the car is actually aerodynamic drag – which gets worse when the windows are down. So when cruising down that highway, enjoy the AC and keep those windows up!

Keeping your engine oil without moving burns up gas for nothing. With today’s modern fuel-injection engines, it takes very little extra petrol to restart a car that’s already warmed up. Also, don’t worry about letting your engine “warm up” before driving. You can start driving immediately after starting your car, but gently, until your engine is warm.

Regular servicing will not only change things like oil and air filters, which will keep the engine running efficiently, it’s also useful for detecting parts and sensors that might be malfunctioning – that can cause fuel wastage, or other more serious problems.

This is one of the most popular methods of wastage. Under-inflated tires not only burn excess amounts of petrol, it’ll also prematurely wear out your tires and create deadly driving situations!

The lights have changed and you’re in a hurry. However, the more you press your accelerator, the more petrol you’re pumping into your engine. You don’t need all that pressure to speed up – you’ll get to wherever you need to be!

Conversely, some people think when they speed up really slowly, they’ll get better mileage. However, this can actually bog down the engine and make it run less efficiently (and again, burn up fuel). The key is balance between the two extremes, to instead achieve moderate acceleration.

Similarly, when you see a red light ahead, ease off on the accelerator rather than only stopping at the last minute. This gives your engine a break by gently slowing down. Driving this way will keep your brake pads in good shape longer, too.

Many people put things in the car that they need for a specific reason – and then somehow end up never unloading them. This adds to unnecessary weight that eats up fuel. Want to improve mileage? Get that junk out of your trunk!

The feel of maximum-performance tires is addictive, that strong feeling of power and security as they grip the tarred road like no other tire. However, these tires burn up more energy to move down the road – the higher performance, the more energy they burn up.

Footnote : Credit to article for above info


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